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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Project Life | Weeks One and Two

Today I am sharing weeks one and two of my project life...

I did not take good pictures but had previously said I would post on Wednesdays, so here I am...

 I cut a transparency as large as I could using a 12"x12" transparency as my base so that I can have a month divider (I have not yet figured out what font or die cut to use for the month dividers).  So I used a transparency with snowflakes, yes it is Winter, right?  Not here! It was in the high 80s so I added a bit of journalism about it!
All my journal cards have been printed on my printer using files I purchased from Ormolu and/or Silhouette Online store.
The week die cuts are from Kerri Bradford and the stamps are from several companies (forgot to write them down).
I am trying not to add too many 3dimensional embellishments to keep my journal/album trim or not too thick.
Below is week two - a very short week, but it's OK, all that matters is that I am documenting!
(actually I shared with my daughter about my journal entries for this week [since she did not send me any pictures of my babies! hello!!]...I think she felt sorry and immediately text/sent me some!  LOL, it worked!)
I received my first ticket in 15-20 years (need to verify) and have not figured how to scrap it yet or actually can't until I go to court and clear it.  And no, it was not for speeding! 
This picture shows how I am keeping any extra cuts or embellishments to use in future weeks.  I love it that I came across these library cards and tags on the Silhouette Online store! What can I say, once a librarian, always a librarian!  I even modified them to be green!

If you need more inspiration on Project Life, visit my friend Esther from For The Joy of Creating (we are supposed to encourage each other!... I visited her blog today to say, OK, I am posting tomorrow! only to find out she had already posted her title page and the first two weeks! She did awesome!)

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