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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Another LO using BG Dasher

This is another LO using the paper line Basic Grey~Dasher
I just need to enter journaling....
I am trying to find the best way to journal making it look like it has been typed.
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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Layout using BG Dasher

This is another Layout I did using
Basic Grey's Dasher Collection
I cannot believe my only baby is turning 30 on January 6.
January 6 is 3 King's Day/3 Wise Men's Day/Epiphany
I am joining Abby on a 3 King's Blog Hop. 
Hope you come back to visit!
There will be a Giveaway in celebration of my
daughter's B-day!

I just need to enter the journaling...
and since I just love two page layouts, I will combine it with the one I posted on Monday.
 I think it goes well.
Sorry about the ornaments... DH was the photographer and insisted on "decorating"

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and for all your lovely comments
on my previous post!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Ornaments wth Gypsy~ She's A Sassy Lady Guest Designer

Today I am a Guest Designer at
Thanks Sheila for the opportunity!

I saw these ornaments on a K&Company ornament pack
and thought I could create using my Gypsy and Cricut Expression

Tutorial: Gypsy
1- place a rectangle 3.75 h x 12.11 w using George and Basic Shapes
    (or any other cartridge with rectangles Gypsy Wanderings has some rectangles too)
    on mat lined up at the edge (it will be outside of the E's mat cutting area, but that is what you want)
     make sure you un-click the Width/Height chain so that you can manipulate.
2- place somewhere else on the mat 9 of the #23 (on key pad) signs found on the Independence Day Cartridge at 1.5" h

    a) you can see that they are aligned on the Y axis
    b) click group
    c) under advanced tab click Kern and enter -0.05
    d) click weld

now you have them as a group
3- duplicate group by clicking the mirror button
4- flip design by clicking on the flip (up and down)

Above you can see copied or mirrored
Above you can see the design flipped
5- arrange your design my making sure the X axis match
    (I have them at -.56)
6- now weld the rectangle with the other designs.

I hope I have not confused anybody yet?

To recap: 1-you need a rectangle 3.75h x 12.11w,
                2- the sign #23 9x from Independence Day grouped, -Kern -.05 and welded
                3- flipped and arranged on both sides lining up the center of the last signs at the ends of the rectangle.

On to the next step

7- using Gypsy Wanderings click on the Décor Tag Creative Feature Key and choose design #44 on the keypad.

8- For this step I used this design by stretching it (making sure the Width/Height chain was un-clicked) to 1.02w x 1"h   ~    see below
I placed eyeballing one each on the center/middle of each sign at the bottom, I continued by placing another one of the designs on top making sure that the X axis match.
If this is too difficult to follow and you wish to make this ornament, just emailed me and I will attempt to send you the Gypsy file.

On to the fun part:
I decided to place two on a mat and cut
You have to score at center (lengthwise)
Score on each intersection
Fold (zigzag)
This is the reason you want that extra piece at the end.
You just cut on one side and leave on the other so you can glue together.
I moved on the the other side
I finished by placing some glue on the center front and back,
inking and embellishing/decorating.
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Monday, November 29, 2010

Gaby Abby Challenges with SEI Week 8

Welcome to another Gaby Abby Challenge
Sponsored by SEI
Today we are highlighting the

You might be asking yourself~ How did she create this box?
Well you have to go visit
I stopped by her blog to let her know she had won my Black Friday Blog Hop Giveaway
and came across her videos on how to make this cute gift box.  She gives you all the details and measurements in two step by step videos! and she also provides an instruction sheet!

Supplies Used:
1 red card stock
2 SEI Kris Kringle snowball fight (blue side)
1 SEI Kris Kringle gift box (stripes side)
1 SEI Kris Kringle peppermint (both sides)
SEI Kris Kringle die-cuts from gleamling snow package
Assorted wired green ribbon
non-wired red ribbon

This week's challenge is anything Christmas!

Last week's winner is
Rhonda ~Bumblebee Creations

Go visit Abby

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gaby Abby Challenges with SEI Update!

Just dropping by to give you a sneak peak at what's coming later today (Monday).
 We will be posting between 9 and 10AM PST
Hope you come back to see our projects, to enter this week's challenge and to see who won the Thanksgiving Challenge~ Moonrise Collection Pack by SEI

Christmas LO ~ Basic Grey Dasher

I love Basic Grey paper
and really enjoy Kelly Goree's work.
This LO is based on a kit.
I did not have the kit, but purchased the
Dasher Collection Pack and created my own version.
This is my daughter~ 29 years ago
at 11 months learning to walk Xmas eve.
You are not going to believe how resourceful I can be~
The back of the picture or the picture's mat is from the
cover of the Dasher collection pack.
Each collection pack has a picture of all the paper designs contained inside, well, yes that is what I used!
I guess I like this paper so much, I did not want to waste anything!!?

Thanks for visiting!
It is my personal goal to post something Xmas
from now until January 6th~ My only daughter's B-day!

You have until later today to link a Thanksgiving project
to enter the SEI Moonrise Collection Pack Challenge Giveaway
and don't forget to check Abby and I  tomorrow for
another challenge sponsored by SEI
(click on top SEI)

Blog Hop Winner! and some Awards!!

Cricut Chick
was chosen as the recipient of the
Spellbinders Mega Nestabilities
I have notified her!!!

I feel so honored  for having received these awards!!
First I received the Stylish Blogger Award from this
Young Talented Lady~ Tori from It's Tori's Time
You just have to check her blog out!!!

I later received from
Sweet and talented Erika, Melissa, Gloria and new found talented friend Maria Elena!

Thank YOU!!
From CricutLove Erika 
From MoeCreations Melissa
From Girlia's Cards Gloria
From Maria Elena's World Maria Elena

Furthermore, Erika, Melisa and Gloria
feel my blog has attitude!

Melissa and Gloria say I have the attitude!!!


I have seen several versions of the requirements for accepting these awards. I will follow the following:

Thank and link back to the person who awarded it to you.
Done so above.

Share 8 things about your self.
I am a librarian at two, yes, not one, but two large High Schools.
I love dark sugar free chocolate, oh Godiva.. (you know what?, anything chocolate!!)
Even my grand baby knows my favorite color is green. (I use to be called the lady in red~ ? I guess everything changes!.. I still love red!)
I raise my right eyebrow (really high!) every time I know I'm being photographed?.. don't know why!
I am known for saying Hello!! with a strong connotation (even my BFF's students asked her if she was my friend the one time she used the Hello!! in her classroom!!)
Favorite music its still Disco (late 70's early 80's)
My previous craft addiction~ counted cross stitch
I cry of happiness every time I hear children play a musical instrument or sing!
Pass it on to 8 other blogs.
Contact those bloggers and tell them about their award.
I will do that!