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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project Life Cover Page

I came across Project Life about a year ago and decided that this year I will take the plunge.
Project Life is supposed to be a keep it simple approach to documenting your life, but since I am fairly new to scrapbooking and love to create layouts, I will be including this year layouts in my album as well.

If you visit my blog, you know I like the color green, and of course my album is from BG and it is green!  (I have several of these albums, so if all goes well, these are the albums I will be using this year and in the future).

The closest of the Project Life kits that have my colors or color scheme that I like is the Turquoise edition, but it is currently out of stock, so I decided that I will for the most part be creating the filler cards an embellishments with products I already have. (I will probably purchase the core kit when it becomes available and combine the matching pieces with what I have already created).

This is my cover page.
I did purchase the Photo Pockets Pages Big Variety pack and the 3"x4"journaling cards (both currently out of stock) and will be ordering the 6"x12" protectors when they become available.

I will additionally be using for the most part, files from Kerri Bradford and the Online Silhoutte store (I like all the sentiments available that go hand in hand with documenting life.  I love Kerri's files!)

I will be mostly documenting my daughter, my grand daughters, my fury babies and my love for flowers/plants/gardening in addition to my daily life.  I decided to do this for my grand daughters and their future kids and generations.  It really made me sad to think that I am not that old, (no, really!) and I no longer have either of my parents nor my grand parents to ask them any questions about....well, anything!  And there is little documentation left!

NOTE: I have previously attempted Project12 twice (monthly layout page/s documenting life). One year (2010 had just come across scrapbooking) I got to create 5 and the other (2011), only one :(
Additionally, during 2010 I attempted Project365 (taking a picture everyday and uploading it)...I actually did pretty good at taking the pictures, I just got too busy to upload them to the site.

My approach to this project will be taking pictures and notes during the week and print pictures and create pages during the weekend or on Sunday/Monday, take pictures Monday/Tuesday and blog about it on Wednesdays (January 1 was a Sunday so I will document Sunday-Saturday).

Thanks for visiting and enduring this long post!

These are some of the main items I will be using on my Project Life.