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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tiny, Moto, Lucy....

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I had 3 Fur Babies just last week.....
Tiny (Maltipoo), Moto (Shar-pei mix) and Lucy....Lucy actually came to my door on Christmas week a year ago.  I tried to find her owner and never did (by law or County rules, she was mine after a month).  Well...sadly on January 3rd she run away? I keep thinking someone took her!... I cannot locate her and it's been more than a week... I just hope she is loved and being taken care of as well as we did for a bit over a year, I miss her! (had fallen in love with her!).... ;(

This is Lucy...

This is Tiny.  (and me in the morning without having brushed my hair yet!...they do say pets look just like their owner!)
Tiny is a Maltipoo (mix Maltesse and Poodle)
Love him! he is super cuddly and super smart!
 And this is Moto Cross with my daugther, Moto for short.  He is just a big teddy bear and super special to me.  He and I share the same birth date!
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