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Friday, December 7, 2012

Project Life | Week 29 & 30

Week 29 was a super fun week... the beginning of two amazing Summer weeks of vacationing!!

The week started with my niece's birthday celebration on Sunday, planning and packing for the upcoming two super amazing weeks of fun and adventure!

Here you can see that I added a 6"x12" insert or page to write lots of journaling
On the left page I cut a 4"x12" piece of PP into 4 3x4s

 Here I used some wooden (wood veneer) embellishments that I colored in red using a Copic marker, a stamp from DEE and some stickers for the week/number.
 For Lauren's picture I used a Polaroid frame that I found at my local craft store.
Lauren loves to eat cucumber and jicama (and other fruits) with salt and lemon (a Mexican thing to do... and if you can handle chili powder, better!).  Love the look on her face!!

The adventure started on Thursday with a flight to meet my daughter in Phoenix and fly together to Seattle where we boarded our cruise ship on Friday!  Loved all the flowers in Seattle (not the rainy weather but still had lots of fun! part of the adventure!).

On the other side of the 6"x12" insert I added a collage of pictures and the welcoming "passport booklet" we received with our card when boarding the cruise ship to Alaska. I placed the card on the bottom right pocket and use this "booklet" to add ticket stubs and receipts.
 I taped it with washi tape (strong adhesive under) and inserted the whole thing in the protector.  After it was inserted I cut around 3 sides of the "passport booklet" very carefully (just the plastic) so that I can open it and see its content without having to pull the whole sheet out.

 Using the washi tape I created a pull me open tab.
 Week 30
An amazing cruise to Alaska and Victoria, Canada!

For week 30 I only used two journal cards and a 1 1/2" x 12" piece of PP that I inserted in the middle.  These protectors are from two different companies.  The one to the left is from We R Memory Keepers and the one to the right is from Recollections.  One has 3 6"x4" and 1 6"x12 pockets while the other has 3 6"x4", 2 4"x6" and a 1 1/2 spaces/pockets.  These were perfect for what I wanted to accomplish and that is to fit as many pictures as I could.
The only thing I added to this page was a strip from the Destinations collection by Simple Stories that I cut by hand.

 If a picture tells a story, the picture of my daughter hanging on the Skagway police department's sign will forever tell the most funniest story!  (an inside story!)  Love her humor and love it even more when we both make each other laugh to the point of shedding tears, snorting and more...  LOL
I created my own pin/button of a map.

The trip ended on Friday.  We flew back to my daughter's house where we spent Saturday getting ready to start driving to New Orleans to board another cruise ship, this time to the Caribbean.  This time we took my grand daughters!  I will be back to share!

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The washi tape is from Studio Calico