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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Three wheel shopping cart - 12 Days of Christmas - Day 10

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For today's project I just had to share with you my daughter's three legged wheel shopping cart story.
I created the first pages on my Christmas Holiday Season Journal.  And it starts with my daughter's first time Black Friday Shopping experience.
 All cuts are from the Silhouette online store.  I welded the Friday to the shopping lady before cutting.
Yesterday I shared the other side of the left page that says "Jesus is the Reason"
Above are the following two pages. It is easier (or better) to take pictures of pages outside of the protector sheet. Shop 'till you drop and the legs are from the Silhouette online store and the Holiday word is a PTI die.

This is my daughter's BF shopping experience...

It all started with you texting me pictures of you, the girls and David making funny faces and calling it your shopping faces.  You informed me that you were going to go Black Friday shopping for the first time!  And what store did you choose? Wal-mart!

Phone calls and texting continued as you were arriving at Wal-mart’s parking lot.  You, “why is there no parking? Not one space available!... I’ll let you go, have to go find a shopping cart”.   Me “well, you are arriving at 10:00 PM, right when the shopping starts, Hello! You should have been there since 8 PM.”

10:23 PM -  Text “I was so desperate to get a cart…That I got a 3 wheel cart!....seconds later a picture arrives on my phone, and the laughter starts!!....

I was laughing so hard and texting you all kinds of funny things!

Minutes later, picture of you with a cart completely loaded!...texting continued with funny comments that had us both laughing so hard!!

11:48 PM another picture arrives of the cart super-duper loaded and a comment followed “The blue pillow and blanket aren’t mine…they belong to friends I’ve made along the way… laugh!”  Me laughing some more and texting you that I just love you more (for being such a Good Samaritan) and love your three legged cart!!!  You “I am almost at the finish line!!” Me “I just hope your new found friends are helping you carry the cart!!”  Laughing much harder… You “hey, we took turns guarding the cart while the others grabbed more stuff!”…. Angel “I feel sorry for the floor”  LOL and crying from laughter!!

Final part… You “Mom, why do I run into a former student?... after hellos I catch the kid staring at my cart… Kid #1  “Dang! That is Ghetto!!”… You “Mom, but I redeem myself”….You as you say your goodbyes and are walking away… Kid #2 to Kid #1 “who was that?”  Kid #1 “my math teacher”… Kid #2 yells at you “you can be my math teacher anytime!” …. Laughter continues for hours (OK days!!)

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