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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Picking Pumpkins

Hi this is Gaby from GabyCreates  and today I am sharing a tutorial over at She'sASassyLady
on how I made a two page layout using 16 6"x6"  and 2 5"x7" photographs (and you can use more!).

1-I started by selecting my pictures and paper.
2- Using a transparency I created "pockets" on my two page layouts -- These "pockets" (transparency cut in half and sewn around) hold each two strips of embellished card stock with 16 6"x6" pictures--
Note: if yo do not want to stitch, you can staple, or adhere with preferred method .
 3-cut a 1/2" (or as wide as you wish) strip of paper, fold in half and adhere or sew on top of transparency so that the edge won't be sharp.
4- Cut 4 --4.25" x 9" (or a bit longer/taller)  pieces of card stock.
5- Adhere your pictures and embellish as desired. (I have two 6"x6" on each side or four pictures each).
Above you can see the photo strips out of the pockets.
 By using the transparency as a "pocket" you can still see the pictures inside of the "pocket"--
Remember to embellish the back of your photo strips. I will add my journal entry here.
 Here is a view of the left page with picture strip out.
I have to say that the transparency idea I got it from Shimelle at TwoPeas...  I had created a pocket before with PP (see picture below), additionally Ki Company sells them and I have purchased some.
I created this pocket by adding a piece of 1" scored at 1/2" and 1/4" from each end and made into an accordion...you can adhere with strong adhesive or sew like I did here on top.

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