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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tissue Box with Gypsy

My post today is more about me being stubborn persistent about
creating with my Gypsy/Expression a tissue box similar to one
I have recently posted that I created using my SilhouetteSD
and a Silhouette fileI purchased.

I created this post for She's A Sassy Lady!  If you visit my blog often, you might
know that I share a tutorial or "how-to" once a month or every third Thursday of the
month over at She's A Sassy Lady where you can find a new tutorial almost daily!

Below are two pictures that illustrate what I posted and created with my

Below are pictures of the additional tissue box I created using
my Gypsy/Expression2
Below are pictures of the Silhouette file

And below you will find pictures of how I created the tissue box using
my Gypsy and the Planting SchoolBook cartridge.
I first cut the file as a trial run with this fluorescent orange paper for illustration purposes only
 Below I drew lines so you can see where the score line go
(I do not like to cut score lines with my Expression, I usually use the hide/contour
before I cut any of the cards, boxes or envelopes.
 After scoring you just adhere tacky tape to the upper tab/flap that you see below.
That's it, the box closes up without any additional adhesive.
 Below you can see that it fits the personal Kleenex or tissue packages OR you can
fill it up with a treat or gift of choice
 Below is an additional picture to show how the file empty space looks like.

Now it is ready to decorate with some twine or?!

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