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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Recycling a Bag with Tinkerbell-Cricut

Just a quick hello and posting.
My grand daughter Jasmine is really into Tinkerbell, so I created this bag in a Jiffy because I could not find a bag big enough to wrap her oh so desired Unicorn Pillow Pet for Christmas.
I recycled a take out paper bag from Olive Garden.
Not a great picture.
And not your typical Xmas decor, but it was a hit with Jasmine, and-that-is-all-that-matters!
I am glad the bag survived. I forgot to take pictures on Dec. 24th.
I cut the flower design at 11.5 in. and followed the color suggestions on the handbook.

I created the same design on the back or other side of the bag to cover the restaurant's logo minus the Tinker tag.  I will re-recycle and create a LO with Tinker and the flower bed altering it a bit.

Come back in a few hours. I will be posting a
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