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Thursday, September 30, 2010


I have had the Silhouette SD for around 10 months and never took the time to use the Print&Cut feature until today when I realized that HSN is shipping the Imagine to me (actually is out for delivery today).  When Provo Craft released the Imagine, I thought mhhh, I already have that feature with Silhouette SD, I should try, but being that I have to have every toy out there I could not resist the HSN release (That is how I ended up purchasing the Expression, Gypsy, Design Studio!!! yes, I am a "aholic"!).  I was considering cancelling like many did (I know of one person that canceled and than canceled the cancellation!! if that makes sense!!), but decided that I should compare with my Silhouette.

OK, so far the Imagine is $579 at HSN and I only paid less than $200 (have to find receipt) for Silhouette SD on Ebay (the retail price is $299).  The Silhouette comes with its own software (just updated to Silhouette Studio) which is compatible with both PC and Mac computers.  And for $14.99 per month in the last 10 months I have accumulated more than 11,000 thousand designs! (they have changed the membership options since than) that is $149.99 for 11,000 plus designs!! Imagine Cartridges retail for $49.99 Colors and Patterns!  (please note: not all my Silhouette SD files are color and pattern, most are cut and I do not know exactly how many files you get per cart!  I will find out later today or tomorrow when I receive the Imagine).

This is my first Print and Cut with Silhouette SD without reading any instructions, just click and see what comes out.....
This is the computer screen of Silhouette Studio.

This is after printing and cutting. Note registration marks.

This is the result of a Cupcake wrapper with a topper.

The topper was perfect with no white outline, but here you can see a bit of white on the bottom edge of the cupcake holder.  This could definitely be user error since I have not read any instructions on "how to".

I am holding both so you can see. The topper is intended to be attached to a stick and placed on actual cupcake.

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I will try the Imagine and retry, and If I love I will keep, but I will be comparing and if I am not convinced I will have to return.