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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cricut Cake Apron Using FMK - FY - PRE

I created this apron using the From My Kitchen, Forever Young and the Preserves cartridges.

There is a story behind...

As I was shopping/browsing one of my favorite online craft stores a couple of days ago, I came across a die for a dress-box from Sizzix which retails for $59.99 and you must have the Pro Shot which retails for $399.00 that I really liked, but got me thinking.  So I immediately opened DS and started designing, found the perfect box, actually a purse I have used many times from the Forever Young (just click on my treat purses label).  I have used this purse for several parties and if cut on a 12x24" card stock you end up with a pretty good size box that accommodates plenty of candy or other goodies.  Actually this purse you can cut at 7 1/4" and the Sizzix measurements are 3 7/8" x 4 5/8" x 2".
Anyway, I stopped designing, it was late, went to bed.
Two days later or yesterday I came across BBTB2 FMK apron challenge, IMMEDIATELY the light went on!!!!!, but as I was scrolling down the designers projects, I see one just like I was thinking, so I was disappointed that my original idea, was not original no more!  As I visited the designer's page, I found out that she had used the Sizzix die for the box-dress and that my idea was still original... so I proceeded to create, and this is what I came up with.
I am calling it the Cricut Cake Apron
but before you judge me, I need better inks!... OK, I need to practice to improve my inking abilities!
And this is just a trial... already working on a better one!

It took me a while to find the logo in brown, printed on card stock and cut.

I drew some lines with brown sharpie to make it look like the ruffles. I am proud of the bottom ruffle, the middle ribbon... needs work!

Side view.

I cut two aprons, the pink I hand cut in the middle to make the waist ribbon and at the bottom for the bottom ruffle.  I just traced a bit with pencil and than cut.
The apron was stretched and cut using DS at 10.61 w x 9.485 h

The purse was cut at 7 1/4 using a 12x24" paper and mat.

I cut the handles.

and for the neckline of the apron I used the Preserves cartridge - the banana layers, stretched to fit.  I had to play with it on DS.  If you wish to receive the file, email me at
scrapabookaholic at hotmail dot com

Thanks for visiting and reading all this!!!!!!!!!

In case you did not read and just glanced at the pictures, I posted that I need better inks (OK, practice stamping!! LOL  - I am redoing apron)