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Monday, August 9, 2010

Sweet Awards

I am honored to have received a couple of awards from the sweet Madison at Funky Cards and later from sweet Melissa from Moe Creations and had not Pay-It-Forward trying to figure it out.  I will start with the Sweet Blogger Award and Sunshine Award. 
Thanks to both of you ladies, you are super sweet and bring sunshine to my days by leaving sweet, bright comments!
The rules of the awards:
Thank the person that gave you the award
Post it on your blog
Pass it on to 10 people
Notify the person that you just gave them an award

Here are the 10 in no particular order

Linda Kaiser from Paper Boutique -
Madison FunkyCards
Beth StinkinSweetScrappin
Pam ScrapbookFlair
Shelley HeartstringsCreations
Mariam MariamSatchell
Anne PaperPatchCrafts
Carrie AKA ABusyBee at DoubleClickConnections
Alex YouHadMeAtCraft
Abby my best friend at Scrapbookaholic --- yes she loves me so much that she named her blog like mine!!  (by one letter) LOL  - I miss her, she moved up North!!! buh

Thanks ladies for always leaving sweet comments and being sometime the sunshine of my day!