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Saturday, July 3, 2010


The GYPSY update witht he LIGHT cartridges is here, it includes the Holloween ones and 3 Birds!  This is the LINK for you to log on. You must be registered if you are a new user.
Cricut App Change Log Version 1.3 Build 0198 – July 1, 2010

New Cartridges:
•B is for Boy


•Block Party




•Cherry Limeade

•Chore Chart

•Cupcake Wrapper


•Feeling Groovy

•Handy Man

•Hoot N Holler

•Lacy Labels

•Live Simply

•Lovely Floral



•Splish Splash

•Slumber Party

•Sugar and Spice

•Varsity Letter


•3 Birds on Parade


•Pumpkin Carvings

•October 31st
(I have not posted all week due to the arrival of my daughter and grandbabies from Texas.)


Abby said...

Thanks comadrita!!!!! Iam glad it's here!!!!! I didn't want to drag with all my new lites to sacramento!!!!

I will miss u!!!

Abby said...

I heard it's not working!!! Have you tried it?!?!

GabyCreates.com said...

It did not work for me either!

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