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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Teddy Bear without Gypsy or Design Studio

I came across this lovely bear (or a similar one) at Cooking with Cricut. I just loved it and wanted to figure it out!
(it might be the Taurus in me, he he...yeap, I can be stubborn, I mean persistent, I mean determined!)

I you are interested this is what I did:
Using GEORGE cart-
Circle 2" - Head
Balloon 2 x 1.25" (1 1/4)- Ears
Balloon 2 x .75" (3/4) - Hands
Oval 1.5" (1 1/2) - Face
Oval  .75" (3/4) - Nose
Oval 2 x  .5" (1/2) - Eyes
 Using EVERY DAY PAPER DOLL cart- pg 42
Rain coat at 2 x 6"  (it doesn't have to be a raincoat, it can be anything you want)
Umbrella 2 x 6" (two colors)
Hat 5"  (the 6" hat was too big-- you can make his head bigger? and the 4" was too small)
Shoes 6"
I cut the small rectangle for the neck and two thinner rectangles for the legs by hand (you can use GEORGE) and hand cut the sleeves on the raincoat to place them differently than EveryDayPaperDoll has it (reason for cutting 2 rain coats - but you can just trace on a piece of same card stock- just an idea?)

I inked everything with distress walnut-
Used pink chalk for the cheeks, ears and hands-
Signo white for eyes and nose-
Sharpie black to draw eyes (black part)
Sharpie brown for stitching

You can see in the picture above how I cut different sizes 'till I was happy with the fit.



Madison said...

I love coming to your site:) You always have such great projects!!!! You never disappoint! This is so cute.

Beth said...

You are so creative and crafty! I love how you get super excited to come up with new things. He is so super stinkin' cute. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Such a cutie bear! Great work!

Abby said...

Comadrita you did an AWESOME job!!!! Thank you for sharing! I will try to get to it! i promise, better yet... how about this one for your cut for the swap??

Melissa said...

Oh my you are so creative, you are now one of my favorite sites to visit!!!

thanks for sharing

Gladys said...

WOW and it looks better in person
Way to go Gaby

Unknown said...

Super creative! I LOVE this!

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