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Monday, April 26, 2010

Uploading George and Basic Shapes Cartridge to Gypsy

Did you know that George is the only cart that you can only download/upload to your Gypsy through your Cricut machine. I call it the Funny Cart. In other words, you cannot upload/load your George cart to your Gypsy by simply plugging it to your Gypsy with the cable provided. You must place it on your Cricut machine, plug your Gypsy to your Cricut machine and follow the prompts on your Gypsy.
["Please ensure the Cricut cartridge is connected to the gypsy. Press "OK" when ready." ]
After pressing "OK" you get the following message:
["Gypsy could not read the cartridge! (that is because you do not have the cart connected to the linking cable, you have it on the Cricut machine) Please check the connection and click "OK" to try again. If you are trying to link "George & Basic Shapes", please click the "George" button."] Yes, there is a George button!
["To link "George & Basic Shapes": Plug "George" into your Cricut; Plug this Gypsy into your Cricut; Turn on your Cricut and wait for "George" to display on the screen; Press "OK"]


Abby said...

Gracias comadrita!!! I will make sure I read this again when I get mine!!

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