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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Project Life | Life Documented for Ted

I was able to take pictures of the pages I created for Ted since we have not yet met for dinner so that I can give him his gift.
I was able to create 8 single page layouts and 1 double layout with the option to create a couple more that I can give to him at a later date unless we do not meet for dinner this week and I am able to create.
Here are the pages which I did not embellish much nor did I added the journal entries, that I am leaving it for him.  I will be providing him with an archival quality pen, some embellishments, and extra cards and plastic protector just in case he want to keep going on.

It starts documenting from 2007 up to 2012 and I finished it with old pictures from before we started working together.

He started working at another school before coming to work with me.  This is his goodbye cake and staff get together.

This is an event sponsored by the police department to demonstrate to the kids how horrible it is to drink and drive.

 This on includes the cutest arrow stamps from Dilo En Español, my grand daughter (left middle), my god daughter's baptism (left bottom) and my two BFFs (top right).  This is one of the few pages where I did add the journal entries myself.

This one below has lots of Dilo En Español's cute arrow that I stamped to direct the journal entries.

 Graduation 2010

 Graduation 2011

On this one I had forgotten that I needed to include the words "READ Across American" on the left page, good thing I decided to take pictures... This was in 2009.

And this is the 2009 graduation and the last one I participated with our kids....  I get way too emotional.
On this pages I decided to add some wooden stars.  (and the orange color to match his shirt! LOL)

The following pages include (with the exception of the page to the left) pictures that Ted gave me to scrap from before I met him.

Those two pictures include so much to tell.... some private but I will share a bit about the top left one.
Ted was having a bit of tooth problems and mentioned to me that he needed to see a dentist but that it was so expensive and he had no insurance.  So I quickly offered information about my oh so wonderful, caring, compassionate, professional dentist in Tijuana, yes! México!!   Well, the jokes would not stop!!  Ted went as far as to demonstrate and mimic what it would be like somebody from the cave ages pounding on his teeth! LOL  I did laugh because that is the relationship we have!!   Needless to say, HE went and HE LOVED my dentist!!  HA! (2009-2011?)
... story gets better.  He recently made sure that he related the following story just for my benefit...
Ted now has insurance and went to visit a dentist, actually a couple of dentists here in CA and oh the horror stories! hahahaha  He said "remember the pounding and all that that I made fun of? well it happened to me here!!"  LOL   To which after laughing much I replied "you do know that our insurance here is accepted there too, right?"  HAHA

 This is it for this long post.

I used Project Life Honey; Blush; Midnight and Jade collections.  I also used Simple Stories Snap! collection.
And for the cute arrows DEE Universitaria and Gráfica del Corazón stamp sets have some adorable ones. (I also used some arrows from DEE mini sets that are not for sale).

I almost forgot to add that it took me a weekend to put together (few hours each day).