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Saturday, October 22, 2011

El Cucuy Blog Hop

Welcome to el Cucuy Blog Hop which is hosted by Yolie, but it starts with Celeste
Hope you just arrived from Erika's Blog . If you did, you are in the right place, if not please start with Celeste.

What is el Cucuy?
Well it is a long story  --legend that dates back many years..... It originates from "coco" to mean head in coloquial speech. In some Hispanic cultures sometimes we say in Spanish, "me duele el coco" or my head hurts. Other variations in other Hispanic countries include Cuco or Cuca.....

Parents sing lullabies or tell rhymes to the children warning them that if they don't sleep, el Coco will come and get them. The oldest known rhyme, which originated in the 17th century, is in the "Auto de los desposorios de la Virgen" by Juan Caxés.
The rhyme has evolved over the years, but still retains its original meaning:
Duérmete niño, duérmete ya... Que viene el Coco y te comerá.
Which translates as:
Sleep child, sleep now... Or else the Coco will come and eat you.
During the Portuguese and Spanish colonization of Latin America, the legend of the Cuco was spread to countries such as Mexico, Argentina and Chile. In the Mexican-American community the creature is known as "El cucuy".  (wikipidia) 

My Mom used it often as a "if you don't obey, el Cucuy is going to get you...and to me, it meant a scary thing! even though el Cucuy has no shape or form!  (if you are from my generation, you know that parents did not know the true meaning or meant to really hurt you, it was just their way to get you to obey [by fear! lol]).
Did I like it as a child? NO!
Did I use it on or with my daughter? NO!  (I broke the cycle!)

My sisters and I today only make light of it, so I thought of creating something fun instead of scary --

(still having problems with camera-- will update pictures later in the day  --
The Camera and Photo Printer Gods were against me..... or maybe it's El Cucuy! LOL)
Pictures updated
With my sisters just having fun!

Now it's time to hop to the sweet Monica - http://simplycricutting.blogspot.com/

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Card Tutorial and Layout

Today is the third Thursday of the month and to me it means I get to share a tutorial over at
And the tutorial I am sharing is a tutorial for cards I made during LUFP celebration. I was asked to please share the "How-To" or a tutorial.  I did create and additional card to show the steps here. 

These are some of the cards I created which generated the interest in me sharing the "How-To"

And this is the card I created to show how I made them using Spellbinders dies and Doodlebug Classic Essentials kit that you can find over at Happy N Scrappin'
Before I get started with the tutorial I want to share a new trend.  I usually ink the edges of my papers, but this trend involves sanding your paper (not distressing) to bring out the white on the edge.  I use a Tim Holtz sander, but you can use a nail file? or?   Hope you can see on my card above.  OK on to the tutorial.

First step - Select Spellbinders die (it must have points that meet at same level--at least two)
Second step - Measure your die so that you can cut your cardstock accordingly.
--this particular die measures 4.25" x 5"

Third step - cut your cardstock accordingly after you decide which way you want it to fold, horizontally or vertically.  I chose horizontally this time, but on the pink one with same die, I chose vertically. See below.
 Here is the piece of a bit larger than 4.25" x 10" length folded in half.
Fourth step - Place die on your die cutting machine die side up and place your cardstock or card folded side on top and towards the side you have chosen (horizontal or vertical).
Above picture shows my card fold not being close enough unless you are OK with loosing this much of the design.
On the above picture you can see that I placed it closer -- Additionally and it is totally optional-- you can add a small piece of removable tape to hold it in place -- (some people have a magnetic mat or their cutting plates are fairly new and can hold your die and cardstock in place without much or no movement).

Fifth step - Run through die cutting machine 2-4 times back and forth (depends on the thickness of your cardstock.  Or you may add a shim (piece of cardstock to put a bit more pressure).

Sixth step - After running through die cutting machine clean/take all the extra particles of cardstock out as shown below on the right side.

Seventh step - decorate to taste!

Above you can see the tops or folding point of each card.

 I hope that my tutorial helped at least one of you! and that I did not confuse any...if it did, please leave a comment and I will respond. (I work during the day, so I will reply in the evening).

I additionally have this layout that I created with the same Doodlebug Classic Essentials Kit that you can find over at Happy N Scrappin'
This layout is for my friend or friend's daughter who is having her first grandchild/child.  I told her that I would create one layout at a time as events occurred.

Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment!  ~Gaby

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Card for CWC

Today is CookingWithCricut Challenge #56
Purple, Green and a Sketch

I created this card following the sketch
Hope you can hop over to CWC to take a look at the beautiful creations my DT sisters created, to see the sketch and to hopefully participate!

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Just a little note:  Yolie, Celeste and I have already notified all the winners from LUFP!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

BCA Card

Today I have yet another
Breast Cancer Awareness card

I used the "Sophie" Cricut cartridge to cut the bird- MM Think Pink PP, PT die, button, ribbon and lots of stitching.

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