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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

For The Record | A Trombonist

This I believe is the last 12"x12" layout I will be creating for Ted's Scrapbook... in a while.
Why the uncertainty you ask?  Well, there is this picture of him playing cards with the kids that I want to scrapbook but have not yet find.  Ted is a pastor (I call him Padre [accent], sometimes.  Because he wears the vestments and paraments or robe, etc.) so when I saw him "try" to belong with the kids/crowd, I immediately said, wait Ted! I must take a picture of this and forever have something to blackmail you with! LOL  Anyway, as I have mentioned before, Ted gave me 147 pictures to scrapbook and I decided to scrap most of them in a Project Life/Life Documented style that I will be sharing at a later time.

For this last (maybe) layout I used this picture of him looking through his music...
I always gave him a hard time and called him a trumpeter when he is a Trombonist!  Boy did he use to get annoyed! ha  (trust me, he did equally or worse to me!...Oh the fun memories).

My title "for the record" it's so perfect for me to continues with "I play the trombone, not the trumpet!" but decided to be nice and leave it for him to write in what he deems appropriate...

I called Ted today to set up a time to meet, have dinner and give him his scrapbook.  I hope he loves it!