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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fiskars Punches and testament to my addiction!

Today in between doing my niece's make up for her wedding today and getting grand baby dolled up, and getting ready myself, and getting lost while trying to make sure I arrived in time... I was 2 minutes late!! (no damage done!!  (The Wedding party was still getting ready), I was able to create this bag!  It was on my mind and I just could not let it go!!!
This was created using a lunch paper bag, a door cut using the Christmas cartridge, a piece of acetate cut from a cartridge packaging, a piece of card stock for the roof, some hemp cord and several Fiskars punches!!!

My Joann just started selling these New Fiskars Punches. I got them at 60% off minus my teacher's additional 15% off!!!!!!  What a great buy!!!!

This is the beginner or starter set! and the most expensive at $20 regular price.

You choose your punch and insert it in the starter piece. It fits perfectly, there is no room for mistake, it only goes in one way! It has magnets.

Here you can see the silver part inserted in the starter piece (blue), the punch top (blue and orange) and the clear or guide that gets attached by the magnets.

The starter piece with the punch insert are under the paper bag, and the clear piece of the starter kit is on top of the bag or the outside. There are lines or markings on the clear guide that help you line up your project!

You place your punches top part (again, it only goes in one way, no room for mistake and than your press to punch.

Here you can see that I punched two squares to represent the windows. I than attached the piece of acetate inside with double sided tape, added the door, roof, hemp and sentiment and voila!!!
Again, it was a quick I have to do this or I will die!!!! Testament to my addiction!!!!!
I did not have time to post, but here I am, right after the wedding doing it!!!  LOL
For more info or tutorials go to the Fiskars site!!

Again, this was a quick-get-it-out-of-my-system-or-I-will-die project!!!!
But just imagine the possibilities - grass, flowers, beautiful papers, topiary by the door, on and on!
Fill it with cookies, chocolate!!! (Have I mentioned that I am a chocoholic!!!!!...mmhhh, all this aholic endings to describe me??!!)
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