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Monday, May 24, 2010

First Cake using Cricut Cake

It was fun and messy!!! and some wasted frosting sheets!!!!!
My BFF Abby invited me over so that we can decorate our first cake using the Cricut Cake together!
This is me (top) learning how to work with fondant! (the white powder is powder sugar so that the fondant won't stick to your surface!)

This is the end result! Abby brushed brandi! yes, brandi so it becomes shiny and you see no white powder!
We discovered that the fondant cuts beautifuly, but not the frosting sheets.... or was it that larger size cuts such as the 2" edge you see cut beautifuly with fondant, but when we tried cutting a "happy birthday" layered sign/sentiment, it ruined the frosting sheets... it would cut nice going one way, but as soon as the Cricut Cake came back to cut the rest of the sign/sentiment it would pull the frosting sheet and mess up the whole thing.   I think we tried 3 times before giving up and just cut RINA in bigger letters!!


Gladys said...

Very Nice Girls
Not bad for the first time, and we discovered that fondant does cut a lot better
I will give you the recipe for the fondant
you can make a lot and stor for months in an air tight container

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