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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cricut Cake - Black, White and Teal

A GabyAbby creation (we like the sound of that! lol)
My BFF Abby and I created/decorated our second cake using the Cricut Cake. We created this cake for Yessie's  Bridal Shower (my niece/ahijada, the same niece I have been creating an album for. You can see the layouts I created by clicking on my labels --Two-Page Layouts).  We used her wedding colors. 

We cut the letters using Base Camp in Duff black fondant. It says "it all started with a kiss".  It was what was inside her "save the date" announcements.

We had some Oopsies or Booboos that are being blamed on the person who baked the cake!!! and we are sticking to it!!! lol
Abby and I did not bake the cake. It was a tad soft, but we did our best to fix and create a decent cake (if I might say that!)
The Bride and Groom to be. (He forgot to wear the black, white and teal!! lol)

They liked it!! (I think the bottom cake was red velvet, the middle chocolate and the top lemon?)


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