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Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Layout - Goofy's Kitchen - 300th Post!

This is my 300th Post!!
...and I might just be giving something to celebrate
(more on that coming soon!),  Update! -- to celebrate
my 300th Post and 900 followers I will be giving a
Scrap'n Easel!!!!  I am so excited! and nervous because I
will be sharing with you this month a video on the
Scrap'n Easel and it will be the first video I post

You will be able to win one Scrap'n Easel by leaving comments
during the month of June, yes any comment during the month of
June will be entered. Additionally, you must follow Scrap'n Tote on Facebook.

Scrap'n Easel and Scrap'n Tote can both be found at ContainYa Crafts

but for now I am posting
a layout I created for Simply Scrapping Crafts

We take our grand daughter to Disneyland and Goofy's Kitchen every summer!  She love's it!  This paper is so appropriate because every so often they play music and Goofy comes out to dance with the kids -- they provide the kids toy-kitchen-pots and pans to make noise with!

with Super Great Prices to Win!
As you can see, I totally made it my own by changing the position of the pictures....and you can too!
We have a great sponsor this week! Hope you can come and play! for a chance at some great items from
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