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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Ornaments wth Gypsy~ She's A Sassy Lady Guest Designer

Today I am a Guest Designer at
Thanks Sheila for the opportunity!

I saw these ornaments on a K&Company ornament pack
and thought I could create using my Gypsy and Cricut Expression

Tutorial: Gypsy
1- place a rectangle 3.75 h x 12.11 w using George and Basic Shapes
    (or any other cartridge with rectangles Gypsy Wanderings has some rectangles too)
    on mat lined up at the edge (it will be outside of the E's mat cutting area, but that is what you want)
     make sure you un-click the Width/Height chain so that you can manipulate.
2- place somewhere else on the mat 9 of the #23 (on key pad) signs found on the Independence Day Cartridge at 1.5" h

    a) you can see that they are aligned on the Y axis
    b) click group
    c) under advanced tab click Kern and enter -0.05
    d) click weld

now you have them as a group
3- duplicate group by clicking the mirror button
4- flip design by clicking on the flip (up and down)

Above you can see copied or mirrored
Above you can see the design flipped
5- arrange your design my making sure the X axis match
    (I have them at -.56)
6- now weld the rectangle with the other designs.

I hope I have not confused anybody yet?

To recap: 1-you need a rectangle 3.75h x 12.11w,
                2- the sign #23 9x from Independence Day grouped, -Kern -.05 and welded
                3- flipped and arranged on both sides lining up the center of the last signs at the ends of the rectangle.

On to the next step

7- using Gypsy Wanderings click on the Décor Tag Creative Feature Key and choose design #44 on the keypad.

8- For this step I used this design by stretching it (making sure the Width/Height chain was un-clicked) to 1.02w x 1"h   ~    see below
I placed eyeballing one each on the center/middle of each sign at the bottom, I continued by placing another one of the designs on top making sure that the X axis match.
If this is too difficult to follow and you wish to make this ornament, just emailed me and I will attempt to send you the Gypsy file.

On to the fun part:
I decided to place two on a mat and cut
You have to score at center (lengthwise)
Score on each intersection
Fold (zigzag)
This is the reason you want that extra piece at the end.
You just cut on one side and leave on the other so you can glue together.
I moved on the the other side
I finished by placing some glue on the center front and back,
inking and embellishing/decorating.
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