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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Imagine Update!

I did receive my Imagine on Thursday evening!
But I am more than a bit upset!!!  It won't update content!
After opening box and getting the huge heavy piece of equipment out (with a few cardboard scratched here and there because I just could not wait for somebody to come home and help me! lol), I saw a green sheet of paper that stated I needed to insert cart to get and important update!
So without boring you with details and after more than 3 hours of Imagine not wanting to update with cart, It finally did and finally was able to start the calibration!
After calibration (painless for me-- this part) I was able to play with it a bit and printed and cut a few designs... I decided to continue and play with it the next day or Friday.
On Friday I wanted to try and compare a doll from Silhouette SD and Imagine, so I created one on Silhouette and got my Paper Doll Dress Up to go play with Imagine.
Again, I will not bore you with details, but after many, many... OK at least 5 attempts and trying with two different computers and making sure Firewall and Antivirus Software was off only the firmware was able to update but NOT the CONTENT.  What does this mean to me, that I cannot use my existing carts!!!
So I am more than a bit upset that no matter what, it will not update!!   I have been trying most of today and nothing!!!
After researching on Internet, many people are having this problem and when they call Provo Craft they are told to send Imagine in!!   So I will have to wait until Monday to call and see what they say to me!!!